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Four Pillars of R.E.S.T.
A Practice for the Tired & Weary

The Four Pillars of R.E.S.T. is a rest-centered approach to meditation that seeks to provide people who feel tired and weary with an accessible path to embodying liberation while also considering the reality of the relational, historical, social dimensions of what it means to be human. Each Pillar of R.E.S.T. is meant to skillfully reconnect us to the source of who we essentially are in a way that is relaxed and natural.

The Four Pillars

With each pillar, we are becoming more familiar with our inner spaciousness—where the pleasure of resting in and as awareness is sacred and healing.

Relax Your Attention-Release

As your attention settles and relaxes more deeply in its natural state, you will recognize awareness as a place for all your mental and emotional activity to rest.

Exhale All Striving-Empty

The E is an invitation to let go of all imagined ideas of what should and shouldn’t be happening in the moment and in life.

Sense the Silence-Surrender

The S points to silence—the natural quietness that seems to hide in the background of the mind. This silence is not dependent on the ceasing of external sounds or inner thoughts and feelings.

Tune In To Awareness-Trust

The T calls you to trust your personal experience of being aware. When you tune in to awareness, you recognize that you are aware of the fact that you are aware.

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What People Are Saying

"Through the R.E.S.T program I feel empowered to be myself despite the worries of capitalism. My sense of self is not a task to be achieved, it is simply who I always am. 

-Riley, R.E.S.T. Retreat

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