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Just be... and breathe...

R.E.S.T. with Rashid

"It is essential, now more than ever, that we find ways to pause, grieve, and feel the fullness of reconnecting with the ritual of resting and being aware."

Just be... and breathe...

R is for Relax your attention. Release.

E is for Exhale all striving. Empty.

S is for Sense the silence. Surrender.

T is for Tune in to  awareness. Trust.

"Rashid's Four Pillars of R.E.S.T. Retreat was excellent in all ways. Rashid eloquently yet clearly shared pertinent insights, reminders, and perspectives for practitioners at all levels. After a day of dialogue, practice, and connection, I feel both grounded and uplifted, inspired and at ease. Rashid's R.E.S.T. practice provides a beautiful framework for deep self acceptance, life acceptance, healing, and love. Thank you, thank you, many times over."-Zef

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Being With Everything
By Rashid Hughes


Its ok to take a moment to pause and breathe,
gathering your awareness and accepting whatever you see.
There is no right or wrong here or a particular way to be.
Simply being aware  of your experience,
being with everything.


Peace, I'm Rashid Hughes (he/him)

As an intersectional-contemplative teacher and restorative justice facilitator, my work is to actively participate in imagining the world newly, where all people are able to live free from the suffering that comes through ideas that perpetuate systems of othering, extraction and disembodiment.


My Approach

I believe that all people have the inherent capacity to love and to feel whole because love is the ground of our shared being.

  •  Through a variety of contemplative based practices, I guide people through processes of rediscovering belonging and meaning in the unique aliveness of their individual embodiment.


So, I basically want all beings to be happy and free :) 


       Why       Mindfulness

      Today, we live in an extremely fast pace society and world. There is always something new happening and something else that is needing our attention and energy. And to be completely transparent, most of us are really tired and overwhelmed.

         Mindfulness helps us to maintain a sense of happiness and ease, in the midst of stress and difficulty. It supports our capacity to deal with distress, unexpected  experiences, and difficult emotions, without becoming burned-out or fatigued. Without Mindfulness, we are like puppets, our every decision is controlled and dictated by our  thoughts, emotions, and fears. 

           Mindfulness is a healthy way for us to get to know ourselves deeply, while also breaking unhealthy patterns that do not serve our highest aspirations, and intentionally making choices that support our wellness.


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