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“The spirit of the Four Pillars of R.E.S.T. framework is that no matter what you may be going through, even the grief and feelings of isolation, your aware presence always remains resting without limitation, open and free. Each pillar is an invitation to recognize and abide in this aliveness of being with the confidence to fully inhabit our lives.”-Rashid Hughes

Retreat Overview

During this short retreat we will practice meditation, engage in collective inquiry, and create space for storytelling  to support us in cultivating our innate capacity to live from and rest in the fulness of who we are.   

Four Pillars

R is for Relax your attention. Release.

E is for Exhale all striving. Empty.

S is for Sense the silence. Surrender.

T is for Tune in to  awareness. Trust.

Retreat Vision

It is extremely clear to me that we collectively need different ways of being and existing than the current normative paradigm. Even with our spiritual practices, many of us feel exhausted and alienated from the liberation that we know is our birthright. The Four Pillars of R.E.S.T. framework offers four refreshing contemplative pathways for us to soften and disentangle our attention from the chaotic momentum of feeling separated from who we essentially are. As we learn to loosen and consciously open to all of who we are, the freshness of our radiant presence begins to pervade the totality of our embodied experience.

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