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A Practice for the Tired & Weary

Five-Week Online

Course & Practice Group

January 21-February 18, 2022

Rashid Hughes

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Co-Hosted by Bhumisparsha 

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The R.E.S.T. Practice

The practice of R.E.S.T. is an invitation for all people to rediscover belonging and fulfillment in “resting in awareness” and “just being.” In this practice, abiding in our natural state of relaxedness and restfulness is our starting and finishing point. As such, practitioners will encounter meditation without the burden of needing to “calm down” or “manage emotions.” Using the  R.E.S.T. model, meditation functions as a foundational restorative practice that encourages individual and social healing from the capitalistic structures of production and self-striving. 


Course Objectives


This five week course will be a journey of explorative learning for people who find traditional meditation distressing, due to a lack of trauma and cultural sensitivity.  By the end of this course participants will:

  • discover how patterns of overworking in daily life can appear as excessive striving during meditation

  • find ease within self when feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

  • develop skills to work with difficult emotions 


This class is ideal for everyone who is longing for rest while navigating the devastating ethics of capitalism and work-culture.


"This practice has allowed me to meditate in a way to be genuinely comfortable within myself. It has given me the opportunity to finally take the time to Rest and restore from the chaos and life around me. Moreover, it has truly given me the ability to be present and aware within my everyday life, from work to small situations that I encounter."

-Mya, Cohort 1

What to Expect

5 Live Practice Group Sessions

Weekly Guided Meditations

Weekly Video Teachings 

Weekly Reflection Questions

Social Platform to Communicate to Facilitator & Peers

How to Participate

Attending live sessions are not required in order to participate in the course. All live sessions are recorded for participants who cant attend live sessions.  

Course Outline

  • Week One

    • (Intro) What is R.E.S.T.?

  • Week Two

    • (R) Relaxing the Attention. Release

  • Week Three

    • (E) Exhale All Expectations. Empty

  • Week Four

    • (S) Sense the Silence. Surrender

  • Week Five

    • (T) Tune Into Awareness. Trust


Live Sessions:

Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11,     Feb 18, 2022

Time of Online Sessions:

6:00pm-7:30pm EST


Refund Policy:


Full refunds are available prior to Jan 18, 2022. Refunds are not available after Jan 18, 2022. 


Session Platform:


All live sessions will be on Zoom 




All course material will

be accessible on Slack


Rashid Hughes

Rashid Hughes (he/him) is a writer, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and a restorative justice facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Heart Refuge Mindfulness Community, a Mindfulness Community in Washington, DC that is dedicated to inspiring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to live with love and courage. Rashid is an Affiliate Teacher for the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC and he is also  a teacher of the Presence Collective. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree from the Howard University School of Divinity and  has two recently published articles in Mindful Magazine "R.E.S.T.-A Guided Practice for the Tired & Weary" and Lions Roar Magazine "When Aggression Masquerades as Compassion."

 Payment Options

Please direct all registration or payment inquiries to Rashid Hughes at

Standard Fee

Pay for yourself and if you can bless someone else who is in need of financial assistance. You can add a tip to your registration deposit and your additional contribution will go directly into our scholarship fund for this course.


Please direct all questions to


If you'd like to apply for  scholarship assistance for this course please email Rashid directly at

Registration Hosted By Bhumisparsha


Here is a collection of personal reflections from people who have completed the 5-Week Online R.E.S.T. Course

"Rashid guided us in noticing how effortless it can be to feel liberation. We learned about how even challenges and upset can be held with a restful, spacious, spiritual intimacy."-T Maes

Before experiencing Rashid's guided R.E.S.T. meditations, I had practiced on and off for nearly 20 years. I thought meditation was supposed to bring me peace of mind, but I was actually quite aggressive trying to control my consciousness. I had never learned how to rest and have CPTSD, so I'm always on alert. R.E.S.T. helps me cultivate a more body-centered practice where I am actually getting the resourcing that I sought from other practices. The focus on awareness without striving has changed my perspective on meditation and consciousness all together. I'm so grateful for this practice. -Holly M.

"With R.E.S.T., Rashid Hughes translates the heart of wisdom traditions into a simple and accessible practice. Ive been studying meditation for several decades and I rarely see such remarkable teaching. With Rashid's guidance we are truly supported to be ourselves, just as we are."-Barnaby

"For me, the REST practice and 5-week course have been uniquely grounding, healing and transformative during a time of relentless intensity and unrest — both individually and collectively. The deep invitation and layered guidance of REST has opened space and ease in my practice that I've never experienced in the decade I've been meditating, and Rashid's powerful framing around rest as a tool of resistance and liberation has started to radically reorient my approach to daily life off the cushion. The 5-week course not only provided accessible teachings and guided meditations from Rashid but the opportunity to be in community with others who made me feel less alone in my tendencies to endlessly strive and effort and exhaust myself. I'm endlessly grateful to Rashid for sharing this practice, and for the care and encouragement I received from the 5-week course."-Carolyn


"Rashid has created a liberatory practice so attuned with the moment. R.E.S.T. integrates traditional wisdom on stillness and refuge while acknowledging our mindfulness may look like moving and wailing. Rashid is dedicated to an anti-oppressive approach and lovingly lets us know that it all belongs. I was especially comforted by the S of R.E.S.T., sense the silence, which allowed difficult emotions of loss and grief a new spaciousness for healing. I wish for all beings to experience this insightful practice and Rashid’s heartful guidance."-Amy

"Rashid is a gentle soul and is a joy to practice with. R.E.S.T. really is a laid back practice. It's ideal for those done with overworking and efforting on the spiritual path."-Harper

"This course is so powerful in addressing the ways we bring our stress and struggles from capitalism and colonialism into our practice. It was so important to me to have a practice space that focused on relaxation (rather than trying to release or let go). I am so grateful for this space and this journey and will be bringing it into not only my daily practice but into my day to day life!"-R.E.S.T. Participant, Cohort #2

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